Mieke Louwen Healing

If you feel your life (work, relationships) is much too determined by old tensions, emotional patterns and beliefs - built up through what you experience in your life - it's time to remember who you really are, and from there to release the tensions, in order to 'come home' into your own life.
I call this process: growing back to who you really are.

What I can offer to you in your process is a deep, gentle, energetic-spiritual form of healing (energy work).

By working on the level of the energy body we can sometimes sufficiently offer the tensions what they need to find resolution.
But to reach the deeper or more complex issues, you have to address a different level, the deepest level in yourself, the soul level. Where you know Who You Really Are, what you are here for, and what is your way of manifesting your goals and direction. Working from this level enables the release of tensions and patterns from even the deepest layers.

About me

Working on myself naturally extended to helping others in their process. I have a background in energetic healing (Magnetizing, Reiki, Prana Healing, and a few other techniques). I found these modalities helpful but not sufficient, which is why I developed my own more spiritually-oriented way of working. I still use elements of these techniques, though, when a client needs some hands-on work to support physical processes. I have been in practice since 1996. Since 2001 I also have been working together with my American colleague and friend Greg Booi, who comes to Amsterdam twice a year. We then offer two-practitioner individual sessions and group sessions.


Sessions take about 1,5 hour, and are held at my working & living space in the center of Amsterdam. The costs are E 50 or E40 depending on income.

Contact details

e-mail: miekelouwen @ tiscali.nl (please remove the spaces for the actual address)
tel. 06 10 40 10 92 (please leave a message on my answering machine)

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